ROSCOSMIC speculative space agency’s main goal is to bring out new space imaginaries, new ways of seeing and thinking about Space.

Roscosmic speculative space agency’s name comes from « Rosmel », a small village in Belgium near Liège, where UFO’s were sited in 2019.

Since 1957, when we, as a human species, broke through the barrier of the atmosphere by sending first satellites and then women and men into space, our way of imagining and thinking about Space and the Earth has radically changed. It is this change of state, this transformation and transgression of reality that Roscosmic questions, through its various space programmes, .

We currently have 4 space programmes, each with different space missions. The first is the Observation programme, which aims at exploring space from Planet Earth. The Research programme’s goal is to build a model of space reality through a theorical and artistic analyse of space imaginaries. Archive’s aim is to rethink the Space Race history by considering the importance of the role played by artists in this exploration. The Earth astronaut programme is dedicated to deconstruct our Western vision of space exploration.