Kinhami celestian observation mission

KINAHMI is a celestian observation mission, built in the purpose of answering these questions: how to see a UFO ? What are the dangers and how to protect yourself from them ? What are the best conditions to finally get the long awaited vision ? Is all this in vain ? The chances to see a UFO are thin, but whatever. The program is composed of a steady observatory, the dome, and a portable one, the tent. Two places in which techniques and attempted observations, archives, testimonies are mixed. Two active places dedicated to looking, or rather, waiting.

A simple word: UFO. A word that englobes a vast and powerful imaginary, rich from thousands of interpretations, from the craziest to the most rational. Kinahmi means, in the Finish mythology, the whirlwind that links the celestial world to the terrestrial world.

It is not by chance to look for UFOs. It’s the desire to see further, to look in the sky for answers to the most profound human questions. From belief in the search for another form of life that would get us out of our earthly solitude. To think that up there somewhere things are moving, coming towards us. Looking to see what doesn’t exist, and see what we are looking for. It is refocusing on the eye, what it prints, a bright spot sign of somewhere else. Also tell yourself that you cannot understand everything, that you sometimes have to give the unknown a chance to exist.